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Navigating Life’s Ebbs and Flows

By on June 1, 2017

After a beautiful one month in Bhaktapur, Nepal, volunteering at the Happy Kids Center, an afternoon program for risk youth and community empowerment, my trip came to an abrupt halt.

After falling ill with food poisoning, I felt almost rejuvenated, like my body had cleansed itself from the toxins which…

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A Heartfelt Return to India and Welcome to Nepal

By on March 19, 2017

The past month has been a whirlwind of sound, color, emotion, missed flights, new friendships, self-inquiry, an impromptu trip to a foreign capital on the U.S. Department of State travel warning list, a warm welcome back to my beloved India and a heartfelt sense of belonging in Nepal.

When I…

Shoshanna Delventhal
Digital-Nomading, Somewhere

I'm Shoshanna, great to virtually meet! I'm a freelance writer, yoga teacher and advocate of a mindful, loopy lifestyle. In 2015, I left my corporate job to travel India and spread the idea that we should and can do what we love, every day.